Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flashback part I

Then one day her office got shifted to new place. Though i was surrounded by hundered ppl in my office but then also i was badly missing her presence. That feeling was so strong that i couldn't dare myself to go office for few days. The moment i use to enter in office i feel her smiling face evrywhere...those days were my worst nightmare. Then our communication hooked up on chatting or on phone...rarely we use to meet. She was very nervous on her first day in new office....what kind of ppl she has to face now....her best friends won't b there nearby her from nowonwards....all these things were making her feel very low. Then i came into picture n consoled her, I tried my best to support her n make her realize that sumtimes new beginings in life brings many new good things which u never expect :). From morning till evening i use to chat with her, to make her comfortable in new environment n not feel alone. I was happy now that m doin my best for her. I gave my 200% in evrythin to her. The way she use to share each n evrything happening in her life use to make feel awesome :). I use to feel as my only purpose of taking birth on this planet is getting fullfilled. Now after sharing millions of thought, words n emotions...she became evrything for me...my daughter, my sister, my mother, my lover. I started seeing evry possible relation in her. I started taking care like a mother does for her kids, I started respecting her like nyone does for there parents, I use to share each n evry secret of mine with her as brother does for his sister and love her as noone does. Our relation became very strong with evry single day passed.

Then i got transferred to some other city. She cried a lot on the day when i was leaving, after seeing tears in her eyes for a moment i felt calling my manager n say him that "Go to hell..i won't leave this place". But then i realized that evry thing happens for a reason in ur life. As it is said that u know importance of things only when they are beyond ur reach n sumtimes distance brings two heart more near. With all this motivational crap in ma mind i moved from her city :( . But i was knowing that my deepest fear will come true soon....

See you again

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