Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moved on...

Hmmm...It's been many days, I even forgot last time when i saw her or talked with her. This whole year was full of movements. I moved out of ma first job, she moved out from my life, I moved back in ma city. In between these movements i was so much puzzled that I forgot many things. Now if try to remember them, I don't find ny sense in it. But sometimes I feel that empty space right into my heart...i can feel it very clearly. Australia is exactly 5 1/2 hrs ahead of us and i can't stop myself calculating daily..."what time is it in australia?...what she might be doing right now?". One thing I am sure whereever she is and whatever she is doing...SHE IS HAPPY :). That's the only feeling which keeps me moving on. Today when I look back in time..I find so many memories flashing around with the speed of light. Memories of her, memories of my madness, memories of stubbornness, memories which I lost forever. Although I know deep in my heart that it's just a beginning and whatever happened with was a sort of wake up call for me. Still remember that that shot of Dev D in which he escapes death by inches and realizes that life is a very precious entity in this universe. We have to make full out of it, no matter in what situations we are going through.

Yesterday was yet another day for me..same morning came...lying on my bed and watching my parents doing the same daily activities and then my mobile rang out from nowhere.

XYZ: Is this gaurav sharma?
ME: Yeah !
XYZ: Gaurav I am your RM, I just called you to make it confirm that m accepting your resignation
ME: OK sir
XYZ: Best of luck for your future endeavors and by the way would you like to work with us in future?
ME: Yes of course , if I get opportunity and blah blah..... ( back of ma mind I was thinking "Y the hell I am sayin all this piece of shit")
XYZ: Bye
ME: Bye

And now I am officially out of ma first company....Saala ek dum neutral feel kar raha hun...bheja ek dum khali khali lag raha hain...No more project calls...no time'shits'...

As it is said "Jo bhi chutiyapa hota hain aur ek ache chutiyape ko initiate karta hain"...Letz c...bbye n take care