Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thanks D for giving me a reason !

Now she is getting married...yesterday she told me about it. m crying...m in gr8 grief...m in much that i can't bear it...yes, u guys r expecting right. M going through all these different dimension of emotions. After competing 24 worst hrs of my life..m feeling a new life, so pure...that i have ever imagined. M feeling like a convict who did all wrong things in his life...seen all dark side of BAD...n now waiting to "HANG TILL DEATH"...when that final time arrives after endless longing...that feeling is sooo pure n joyful gives you instant brust of energy. 
Now what to do next?....hmm...O.K letz start with my goals n career...or shall i wait for a while?..No i should not wait now..i should move on now :). I should touch n feel other aspects of m mature, i have learned a lot. I can make my life really meaningful n happy. I can live it up to the best.

Hey, wait a it she who taught me all this?..yes, she did..she showed me a hell lot of things. But at the end i guess that's what ppl do whom u love n like a lot. If they don't react in this way then how will u b able to c the darker side of life. How can u wake up in morning n say it's morning, when u never know about night. If we c the big picture then it's like u r searching for best track in pile of CDs without hearing other creations. Now i have to feel that rythem n bass which i never experienced. As one of my friend told me one day "Let the music beam louder,so loud dat u only hear the thump of the beats,even wen u are DEAF"
I guess that's the only thing i have to follow now. I'll make myself DEAF n will hear only to my inner self :).

"I loved her a lot...i love her..n i'll love her forever"...Can't fool myself nymore

Soon she'll b deleting here ORKUT wanted to preserve this testi here forever:-

"G...a gr8 frnd of mine..tall and intelligent..very cool...loves to ride his mad about music that he cant live without his mp3 internet freak..he has a huge collection of songs...tryin to become a gr8 DJ one day..talks less and listens more..he gives lot of value to friendship and is very choosy about his friends..very cool most of the times..but when he gets angry no one can dare to talk to him..always tries to help others..u cant afford to miss a frnd like him!!"

Here is what i wrote about her:-

"I've never seen a smiling face that was choooo beautiful n pleasing......“Because of your smile, you make ur n someone else life more beautiful.”.......just keep smiling for the rest of ur life.... "

P.S- Every once in ur life, u feel one true moment...just u have to open ur eyes :)

Love You