Sunday, July 25, 2010

My desire

Today while having my beer n listening trance..this thought came in ma mind to gather all the desires of ma life...things which i ever wanted to hidden list of things to do in this least this will be the place I'll put all them that after million of years from now aliens can get some idea of a normal stupid human life here it goes

1) Have to be there waving ma hands in air for TIESTO sound.
2) Want to achieve a perfect body.
3) At least one trance track to compose which gets recognized globally.
4) World tour...that's for sure !
5) Deep sea diving...very deep
6) Want to spend few days with a monk in very isolated place for few days.
7) To be recognized as hard core techie.
8) To get glimpse of space.
9) Take my mom from a candle light dinner.
10) At last i want to die with a smile on ma face with no regrets.


1 comment:

maglomaniac said...

Just now takjed to mom about a relative who was awesome and hale n hearty last month.He is now diagnosed wid cancer and has 4 months 2 live n he z not even informed.
And hence ur list stands even more critically important.
No 7 is d most I wud yearn 4.
And yup do watch inception.
Missin u dude