Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Ordinary day :)

It's been long time i wrote nythin on ma blog...Maybe coz there was no flashback stuff left or maybe m too busy in finding ways which can keep me busy. Well, rite now I m thinking about movie I saw last night "Fight Club". This movie revolves around a guy who considers himself worth for nothin. Noone cares about him whether he is dead or alive. He considers evry human being moving around him as a xerox copy of each other. Evryone is lying, evryone's heart is filled up with haterd n envy, evryone is playing the same game..evrywhere. After watching that movie i realized that there was not much difference between his n my world..ppl around me. I liked one of pitt's dialogue i.e "Things u own ends up owning you" well, that's 200% true. Anyways after watching that movie i got to know that one of ma roomies b'day is there. It was 2:30 AM n i was feelin hell lot of tired..i lost my patience n slept. Morning i woke up..took my sweet morning fag n then wished b'day boy. Then for a while i thought what should i do or think today to make my day smooth..think...think...think....nothin came into my mind n i left that thought in midway only ;). Usually i do such inspirational crap but at the end it makes me feel as if m a psycho or highly depressed guy.....n desperately need all this. At the end of day only one question remains in ma mind Y she did this thing to me?..Y sumone came into my life n made such a huge diffrence..which m not going to fill it ever again... Evrything happens for a reason, may b there is some fu**in reason behind it. But yes, life is very unpredictable..u never know whats next !.
As usual
Sudhir, my colleague came on to my desk n asking for a smoke. Ok, enough for 2day..i'll make a move now :)

See you again

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maglomaniac said...

"Things u own ends up owning you"

Well,buddy but its actually tym dat these thngs receive a standing farewell.
We should know when to draw the line.
She z gone.HISTORY.Atlst dats how she feels.
So,lets say our bye byes 2 her an d CHILL man.
And yup I agree that whatever happens,happens 4 a reason.
And the reason 4 u was to learn coz evri single day,evri single instance,this is wat v do:-Learn.
Keep writing:)